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"I looked at 35 different franchise opportunities...I chose Steak-Out because with the way society is moving...and the tightening of the labor force out there.  It's an operation where you can generate food volume with minimal staff.  I have the ability to open something that's not already there.  The contract purchasing power enabled me to project food cost ahead of time.  From the information I received, I basically hit costs on opening expenses and on product cost expenses.  Also, the information enabled me to find out what marketing we needed to do.  It's all been what we were told up front."

"We were given very specific things to do and we followed the instructions to the letter.  Success wasn't overnight, but it did come as a result of our attention to detail and a lot of hard work."

 "I think Steak-Out is on the forefront of what is and will be the fastest growing segment of the food industry, the home meal replacement or the business lunch replacement.  It's my opinion that the standards that have been developed throughout Steak-Out are absolutely essential to the success of Steak-Out and our operation."

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